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10 Minute Quick Fix: Bra Extender


Old Bra

a new piece of Elastic 1 inch wide or more (whatever suits your needs)

Using a seam ripper (and scissors if needed) carefully remove both closure ends of your old bra. Cut the Elastic... Here is were you will have to take in consideration how much extra you need and decide your elastic length (most store bought have roughly an inch of elastic and that is what I roughly used). Carefully sew each closer to the elastic by hand or machine BEING SURE TO REMEMBER IF THE HOOKS FACE UP THAN THE LOOPS NEED TO BE FACING DOWN OR LOOPS UP AND HOOKS DOWN. ...and you are done 

Any question send me an email: tstitchesandcrafts@gmail.com

T's Pocket Pillows

These are the pillows I made for my Aunt for Christmas. I made her four all together. Two with pockets and two without pockets. A set of two (one with pocket and one without) for each one one of her sofas in her living room. She loves to read books so I figured she could stuff her books or TV remote in them for safe keeping. I actually purchased a book for her and put it in one of the pocket pillows as part of her gift (See Below). She loved them!

They are Great Gifts for Everyone! Get a PDF copy of the pattern click this link...


  T's Pocket Pillows 

Or head on over to FaveCrafts to get a copy! T :-) ...

T's Pocket Pillows

Sew Funny!

Do You Want To Learn A Little More About Sewing?

Check out this great site! It has many great free patterns and more!  Sewing.Org

Rag Dolls for My Nieces

Smile Every year I make three rag dolls to give to my Nieces for Christmas. I try to make each one unique so each of the girls gets their own special dolly. :-) T

Great Site!

T's Tie~rific Towels

Every year my Mom gets a new batch of her favorite kitchen towels. You know the ones with the cute little tops so you can hang them on the oven door, refrigerator door, cabinet draws, etc. Well the one you see above is a little something different I came up with. I use a face cloth instead of a kitchen towel. The ones in the pictures haven't been washed yet the cloth is still new. When they have been washed they look much better hanging on the cabinet. First cut a 4" wide 16 1/2" long square of your choice. Fold the Fabric in half (now 2" x 16 1/2"). You want to be sure the back of the fabric is what you see when you fold it half. Meaning the front side... the one you will want to see when you hang your finished towel is on the inside. Start sewing 1/4" from the top (standard stitches) on one of the ends being sure the side you start on is the side with the solid edge. Sew until you are 1/4" from the edge. Stop with the needle in the fabric. Lift the presser foot and gentle (without pulling on the needle) turn the fabric so you will now be ready to sew the raw edge. Lower the presser foot and continue to sew until you reach the end. I didn't mention it but just in case you are new to sewing when I start sewing I sew about 3 to 4 stitches. I then stop and press the reverse button to go back over them and then I stitch back over them one more time and continue sewing. Repeat this step when you get to the end to. This secures the stitches. Remove the fabric from the machine. With scissors trim 1/2 of the 1/4" (seam allowance) of fabric you have around the edge of your stitches. You may want to cut the point off the corner being sure not to cut to close to the stitches (I do). This ensures you have no puckered fabric in you corner. Now turn the fabric right side out. Use a knitting needle or something pointy to push out your corner. Press with a hot iron. On the open end fold the fabric in 1/4" inch and press with the iron. Stitch the open end closed on the machine (Sew roughly 1/8") from the edge. Now fold it in half. Place the edge with the stitches in the back of the cloth. I consider the back of the cloth I can still see traces of the tag I had to cut off. Pin it and stitch across the fabric. Take a look at my picture on the left you will get the idea. Add a button or some other form of decoration if you like. These towels can go on the refrigerator door handles but they will not look like the one in the picture. Now go to your draw handle or oven handle. Place the top of the towel fabric loop over the handle. Open the loop when it down past the back of the handle. Drop the other end of the towel through the loop and pull it through. Fix your Tie its crooked! LOL I have a new oven with a chunky handle so I make the loops the size I gave you in these directions. My Mom's oven is older with a skinny handle so I make the loops a little shorter. You can adjust the length of the loops by using a scrap piece of fabric cut to the measurements I gave you and pin it in place to see what it will look like on the cabinet, oven etc. before you sew yours.

Yes they are not as thick as a kitchen towel but they do work great! I like to change my kitchen towels often so these work just fine for me. I go to Walmart pick up a no more than $5 multi pack of some nifty colored wash clothes and a yard of fabric and I end up with 10 great hand towels for the kitchen for very little money. My Mom taught me to be frugal. LOL Happy Sewing! :-) T

Bath Towel Apron

For my Birthday a few years back a dear friend gave me this heavy duty to cute bath towel (Kitty and Paw Prints were on the towel). I loved it! I told her I didn't want to use it just as a towel. I would use it to make something special for myself. A month or so later I was on a mission to make myself a new kitchen apron. When looking for the fabric I wanted to use I came across the towel. Perfect! Well not only do I love cats I also love Bandanas! So I gave the Kitty a Bandana and one for myself at the top of the apron. This apron is one of my favorites and is special to me! T :-)

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