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Greeting Creative Friends

You don't have to break the bank to have a functional and creative work space. You can have a creative space that makes you happy and spend very little money creating it. I want to share My Green Craft Room with you. I am very thrifty and love to recycle any chance I get as you will soon see. I'm also known to be very unique. My craft room is a far cry from fancy but I love it and everything thing in it inspires me to be creative. I hope my craft room will inspire you to create your own creative space in your home. T =)

Note: I am sorry the one thing I have not fully mastered is how to use my camera. The pictures are wee bit dark.

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Above: It is amazing what you can do with two card board boxes and a folding table! Cover that support post with crochet grafitti! A clipboard hanging from the ceiling makes a great place to put current project notes! Old nic-nac shelf equals new yarn rack! Old free standing cloths hanger rack equals new ribbon spool holder! Old bird cage equals New Age Art!

Above: The packages my curtains came in turned into a handy hanging holder for my sewing doo-dads. My old pocket book turned into a pin cushion with scissor and ruler storage. A Birthday Card from Mom and Dad makes me smile. An old card board box is a handy place to toss fabric scraps I recycle by stuff things that don't require fancy fiber fill.


 Above: Well didn't this picture get a bit bent out of shape! My sewing machine is not that tall and is a little wider.... LOL =) Old mini draw cabinet now holds my less than a yard fabric collection. Old silverware tray now holds sewing "stuff" My fish tank has yarn and seashells... does yours? Card board cabinet minus the draws now holds my yarn. See the Kitty Birthday Card my Brother gave me this year?... It is one of my favorites!... Above the kitty on the front of the card it says... I heard handmade gifts were in this year... Inside it says something like.... Cough! Cough! and underneath is a piece of cotton batting symbolizing a Hairball the Kitty coughed up! LOL =) Of course I have to have my Christmas Stocking for inspiration I create the most for Christmas. 

 Above: Baskets and plastic containers make for great storage. Store your fabric paint upside down in a plastic container and your arm won't fall off from trying to shake the paint to the tip.

Other Handy Tips:

If your Walmart still has fabric in their craft section ask if you can have the cardboard base from the bolts of fabric. My Walmart gives them to me for free because they normal just throw them away anyways. They come in handy for the fabric you have large amounts of and they neatly fit side by side in a big square basket or on a shelf.

One Large Cloth Table Cloth (On my fabric cutting table above - First Picture) turned into a table cloth, a pot holder for my iron, a pillow, a chair seat covering, a chair back cover, a dollie and the ascent pieces on my sewing machine cover. Table cloth was a Walmart clearance item. How's that for decorating on a budget?!

Gift Baskets are in and not everyone keeps the baskets. Put the word out to family and friends you love baskets and would gladly take any they didn't want off their hands!

Your craft room is your personal creative space. Put out the trinkets and keepsakes you treasure even if someone else might say that don't really go with the decore. These items will make your creative space unique to you, inspire you and make your heart smile!

Be Creative when creating your space! You don't need alot of money just a little time and creativeness! 

I may add more to this page down the line. So come back again. T =)


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Welcome Creative Friends


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Welcome Creative Friends! 

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